Sunday, January 23, 2011

whoa~ hye.. im fickree a.k.a bobby fuego ^^... wher in hell da "fuego's" name came from?.. ahah.. actually sum dude gave dat name to me.. a guy from europe sumwher if im not mstaken.. yeap.. i was performing at da club with da band (no nid to knw which band. =.=) n im using my old tgm red hot bass guitar.. he's freakin like my fingering bass style when i perform der ad da bar.. ahah. da song i played.. err. oh yeah.. "Fire - Jimi hendrix".. n i was fucking playin dats song really fuckin fast.. so, ahah.. aftr da show, he came to me n said. "wow.. u're playin da thing so fuckin fast, ur fingers pickin like 'Fuego - (fire)'".. haha.. he asked ma nme n i said bobby, then he said yes brother ure BOBBY FUEGO.. haha.. then, i was thinkin,. hmm.. wut a damn name.. nice~ so.. thats it.. da name came from.. ahah.. XD

huh,, da hell??

ohh~~ haha.. hey2.. wuddup yall.. ^^.. akhirnya tlah berkurun lame aku mengetry kn diri aku utk mmbuat blog ni.. tbe2 trgrk plak aku nk buat lik.. heheh.. bodo~ XD